Technical Communication between XKNC and KIRA

author:信息员 Date:2016-04-21 
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During April 19~20, 2016, XKNC invited KIRA section manager Kawakami and GL Ogawa to do technical and business training communication between each other.

OBOT the G.M. Ms. Wang Yaning and OBOT Deputy the G.M. Mr. Wang Fengbiao accompanying with KIRA guests (hereinafter we just call it Guest.) visited industrial robot, XKNC automatic equipment, and XKNC’s factory. By the way, in order to reinforce the strategic partnership between each other, the guests communicated with President Mr. Zhao Bin and the G.M. Mr. Li Junpeng for market trend.

During this amicable visit process, XKNC also learned a lot from automatic products. Finally, it shows that there are broad prospects for cooperation.