XKNC Successfully Held 15th Anniversary Ceremony

author:信息员 Date:2015-05-11 
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  ---New Starting Point & New Journey

In May 9, 2015, XKNC successfully held its 15th anniversary ceremony with its all employees. Since 2000, XKNC has integrated product with research development, manufacturing and after-sale service, and become the model enterprise in China CNC equipment manufacturing and the symbol of high precision and high reliability in the industry.

Flag-raising Ceremony

With solemn flag-raising and national anthem singing, XKNC started her 15th birthday. From 11:00 a.m. on, inauguration ceremony of XKNC new factory was held with ribbon-cutting.


Inauguration Ceremony of New Factory

Group Photo

After lunch, colleagues who came from other subsidiary corporations were separately guided to visit old factory, OBOT’s factory, and new factory by 3 buses. During visiting show room, precision processing workshop, warehouse, inspection workshop, assembling workshop, Nagashima workshop, and Tornos workshop, a brief description of those places were introduced to them. It enhances salesman’s confidence and facilitates market promotion by the activity.


Visiting Automatic project in XKNC Old Factory

Visiting OBOT Factory

Visiting Showroom of XKNC New Factory

Visiting Showroom of XKNC New Factory

Visiting Processing Workshop of XKNC New Factory

Visiting Warehouse and Inspection Workshop 

Visiting Assembling Workshop

Visiting Assembling Workshop


Visiting Assembling Workshop

After the sunset, the banquet started with sand painting in Shangri-La Hotel. XKNC President Mr. Zhao, KNC President Mr. Inaba, XKNC G.M. Mr. Li Junpeng, XKNC G.M. Mr. Yang Lianggui, Tornos G.M. Mr. Arnaud, Nagashima (China) G.M. Mr. Feng Jianzhong and some other supervisors also attended the banquet. Mr. Zhao Bin mentioned “We definitely can become the word-class enterprise with the world-class workshop and office building. I have confidence in XKNC’s future.” KNC President Mr. Inaba said “I still remember how XKNC swung to profit in the second year. Now, XKNC has gradually obtained its own strong technical groups and R&D groups. KNC and XKNC are brother-sister corporations. We can create brilliance altogether in the future.” Tornos G.M. Mr. Arnaud said “Tornos has done a lot of marketing investigation before entering into Chinese market. After deliberate evaluation and analysis, we have chosen the best partner in China---XKNC.”

Sand Painting

President Speech

Award Ceremony

Employee Talent Show

The 15th ceremony drew to a successful close, with everyone feeling joyous and happy. It means that XKNC has stepped on its new journey with a new phase.