COMAU and OBOT Signed the Strategic Co-operation Agreement

author:信息员 Date:2016-05-11 
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In May 9, 2016, COMAU and OBOT signed the strategic co-operation agreement in COMAU’s Kunshan factory. Both parts will share competitive resources with each other and promote the application of automatic equipment in machining industry. Meanwhile, the agreement will improve the transition from “Made in China” to “Intelligent manufacturing in China.”

Singing ceremony

SHAANXI ROBOT AUTOMATIC CO., LTD is one of the subsidiary companies of XKNC. OBOT mainly specializes in manufacturing and assembling of sorts of automatic products. OBOT has served for industries as following: Automobiles, Communications, Optical instruments, Gauges, Medical instruments, and so on. COMAU is the worldwide leader in manufacturing flexible, automatic systems and integrating products, processes and services that increase efficiency while decreasing the overall costs. COMAU specializes in body joining & assembly, powertrain machining & assembly, robotics and maintenance, as well as advanced production systems and environmental services for a wide range of industrial sectors.

The President of XKNC Mr. Zhao Bin, the G.M. of OBOT Ms. Wang Yaning, Chief Operating Officer of COMAU Overseas Robotic Business Department Mr. Mathias Wiklund, Director of COMAU Robotic Business Department (China) Xin Tang, and G.M. of B&R Automation Studio Business Department (China) Doc. Mr. Xiao Weirong attended the signing ceremony. 

High-level Meeting

COMAU and OBOT will exploit more innovation on robotic applications in machining industry. Besides, both automatic requirement in manufacturing process and robotic application in related fields are taken into consideration too.

Visiting COMAU Factory in Kunshan


We are looking forward to creating more bright future with cooperation between COMAU and OBOT.